“Scout Scarf Selfie” competition

Image first table view mathew scout profile scarf winnerOn the 1st of August Scouts and former Scouts stand together on World Scarf Day and wear their Scout scarves in public to make the “Spirit of Scouting” visible.

For the 3rd time SCOUTS South Africa is running the “Scout Scarf Selfie” Competition! Take a selfie of yourself and/or your friends wearing their scarves in a public place and stand the chance to WIN some great Scouting prizes!

Email the imag1st camebridge scouts east london scarf compe to info@scouts.org.za by the 15th of August 2016.  Mention your name, age, Scout Group,  parent or Scouter’s cell number and email address. The selfies may be used by our Marketing team  to promote our awesome Movement so make sure that your parents are okay with us putting the photo online!

Let’s have some FUN, show our country that Scouting is very active and advertise SCOUTS South Africa!

More info on Scout Scarf Daywww.scoutscarfday.com