Call for Lekgotla Organising Team

fos-endowment-fundIn order to enhance engagement between national teams and members on the ground we plan to have a National Partnership Conference in September 2017. The aim of the event is to create a platform for engagement with SSA Groups on topics that require the direct input of “on the ground operators”. The topics – yet to be defined – would address specific challenges that Groups face which need to be addressed and resolved. It will also be a forum to gain inputs on the current strategic direction of SSA and identifying future strategic priorities for our SA Scouting Movement.

The National Partnership Conference, or Lekgotla (meeting place for village assemblies and village leaders) would be an open engagement forum that could be attended by a representative of any registered Group in good standing.

The programme and topics will be defined in partnership with members, Exco, the Board and the Marketing Committee. After engaging with our members and identifying the topics to be handled, the information will be presented to the Groups well in advance to ensure that each Group representative is able to prepare and make a meaningful contribution.

Based on our experience with the implementation of REVIT and other implemented changes we acknowledge the limitation of available resources within the National Team.  To address this limitation, and ensure that the proposed SSA Lekgotla delivers both in the preparation, the lead up with sharing of information and in the execution of the event, we need to find a team of volunteers to drive it and make it a useful and successful experience for the participants.

The team would be responsible for the planning of the event. This includes sourcing the venue, catering, budgeting, fundraising to support a wider attendance, communication around the event and logistics. The communication would be developed by the team in partnership with the Marketing Committee.

We are looking for a team of up to 5 volunteers who will report directly to, and work with the Exco on the planning and execution of the event.  The person in charge of the communication on the team would ideally have prior conference/expo organisational experience and will be given a position on the National Marketing Committee for the duration of the planning and execution of the event. The team would be supported by the resources of the National Office and the Exco.

We have all acknowledged the need for an event such as Lekgotla. It is high time that SSA Members get an opportunity to make a real contribution to the strategic direction of their Scouting Movement. The event can only succeed if it is properly run and staffed. We are therefore calling on people to step up and make this a reality. Nominations or applications for the role of “Lekgotla Planning Team” should be submitted using the standard SSA Nomination and Application forms. Click here for Nomination form. Click here for Application form. Applications are to be sent to no later than 14 November 2016.

In Africa people say it takes a village to raise a child, we say let’s have a Lekgotla and improve SCOUTS South Africa together as a family.