SCOUTS South Africa’s Library

The library contains SCOUTS South Africa’s Constitution, Rules and Policies as well as the most frequently used forms. SCOUTS South Africa Library & Child Protection Policy

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Cub Programme, forms and information

Cub Badge Charts 2017

High Res print files:  (With thanks to JP Percival)

Programme on a Plate (POP) 2016

Older Cub Resources

Annual National Challenge 2015
Programmes on a Plate (POP): 2015
Programmes on a Plate: August/September 2014

POP July Notes – Read FirstExploring is Fun (1)Exploring is Fun attachmentHanging Gardens of Babylon (2)Hanging Gardens attachmentColossus of Rhodes (3)Colossus of Rhodes attachmentTemple at Artimis (4)Temple at Artimis attachmentLighthouse of Alexandria (5)Lighthouse of Alexandria attachmentMausoleum of Halicarnassus (6)Mausoleum of Halicarnassus attachmentPyramids (7)Pyramids attachmentStatue of Zeus (8)Statue of Zeus attachmentBlast from the Past (9)Blast from the Past attachment


Regional courses are provided by SCOUTS South Africa.
Contact your nearest regional office for application forms and courses available.