Visit the US and serve as a BSA Camp Staff Member

The Boy Scouts of America are looking to employ a number of Camp Staff Members for their 2015 camps. There are a large number of camps which all begin in June and last from 6 to 11 weeks.

Important information to consider when applying:
  • Candidates must be over 18 years old, and not yet 30 this year.
  • Candidates need to cover all costs associated with travel, including arranging their own J-1 Visa.
  • Camps begin between the 1st and the last week of June and last from 6 to 11 weeks. BSA will not place anyone who is not able to arrive the latest by the 1st of July 2015.
  • Due to a new requirement made by the US State Department, applicants must be able to provide results of an English language test or a signed document from an academic institution or English language school.
  • Applicants are not guaranteed placements at camps.
To apply:
  • Ensure you meet the requirements above
  • Read the enclosed information and submit a completed Application, Personal Health and Medical Record form to the National Office, before 1 February 2015. Forms that are not completed correctly will delay the process. Your application will be reviewed and if selected you will be contacted for an interview.
 More information/docs: