15th World Scout Moot 2017


The World Scout Moot is a gathering of older Scouts, mainly Rovers, ages 18–26 (although there was no upper age limit for the earlier Moots) from all over the world. Moots are held every four years and are organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).


single logo rover moot 2017The 15th World Scout Moot will be held in Iceland 25th July to 2nd August 2017.  It is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), hosted and organized by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association.

Having the opportunity to combine attending a fantastic international event with people from around 80 countries and exploring Iceland’s nature and culture is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Moot organizing team encourages you to use that opportunity to join the Moot and travel up north.


The theme of the 15th World Scout Moot is ‘Change’. The theme signifies the effect that participation in a large international Scouting event has on the participants’ views and beliefs in regard to themselves and Scouting. It also signifies the impact that each individual can have on society and the Scouting Movement on the world.

Iceland is an appropriate venue for an event with Change as its theme, given that volcanoes, earthquakes, hot-springs and glaciers are still forming and changing the country ́s landscape. That landscape and the bright summer nights of Iceland will be the playground of the Moot, with all the exciting possibilities that entails.


The Moot is expecting 5000 participants and 1000 IST from 80 countries around the world to join the Moot in 2017.  SCOUTS South Africa is planning to send a contingent to the 15th World Scout Moot. Each contingent will be lead by a Head of Contingent and such contingent staff as necessary and appropriate to the size of the continent. International Service Team Participants will also be part of the SCOUTS South Africa Contingent. The South African Head of Contingent is Mr Cameron Belling.


Eligible participants to the World Scout Moot are those aged between 18 and 25 – or those born on or between the dates of 2nd August 1991 and 25th July 1999.  The Moot is equally open to young men and women that are members of a National Scout Organization belonging to WOSM.

Members of a National Scout Organization that are 26 years of age, or born on or before 1st August 1991, can join the Moot´s International Service Team (IST).  The IST is made up of volunteers that assist with the delivery of the Moot and is composed of local and international Scouts.


The current Rand (ZAR) exchange rate against world currencies has not been kind to us.  We are currently finalizing our budgets, consulting with a number of travel agents and various suppliers and anticipate that the Moot fee will be in the region of R35,000 to R40,000 per participant. Of course, we will endeavor to get the best value for money and a good package at a reasonable price.

This fee includes your flights and all transportation to and from the Moot; all accommodation; three meals a day; the Moot fee; all Moot on and off-site activities; tents and cooking gear you will use while at the Moot; medical care during the period of the World Scout Moot itself (Medication and any costs relating to hospitalization are NOT included in the fee); several Moot badges; a World Scout Moot participation pack, including a handbook and a Moot scarf.

We are also investigating the possibility of a brief post-Moot tour after the Moot. The itinerary will be dependent on the budget/cost. More information regarding this will be sent in the upcoming months.

In addition to the Moot fee, you may also need to budget for the purchase of extra uniform items and special Moot gear. We will be attending the Moot in the official SCOUTS South Africa uniform as prescribed in the SSA Uniform policy. You will be advised on this in the upcoming months.


The Moot Contingent application must be accompanied by a save-a-place deposit of R5,000 in order to secure a place as a member of the SCOUTS South Africa Contingent to the 15th World Scout Moot. The full deposit will be refunded in the event of the application not being accepted and R500 of the deposit is non-refundable should the applicant withdraw his/her application once accepted.

This payment will serve as the first payment of the full Moot fee and is to be deposited into the SCOUTS South Africa bank account and a copy of the proof of payment attached to the application prior to submission thereof.

A payment schedule will be sent to all successful Moot applicants and you will be required to make payments in installments, with the full and final payment being made by the latest 30th May 2017.


To attend the 2017 World Scout Moot you should first check to make sure that you meet the age requirements shown above and mentioned in the following information: 15WSM Expression of Interest and 15WSM- How to Apply to Attend. Once you see that you are eligible to apply, you will need to follow the process below:

  • Print and complete the relevant application forms, Moot Adult Application Form or the Moot Rover Application Form. This is the first step in the application process for all Participants and IST Staff applications.
  • It is important that you fill out the application forms completely, print clearly and ensure that the information is true and correct.
  • For Rovers it is especially important that you have your Crew Chairman or Rover Scouter complete the recommendation and sign your application, verifying that they support and approve of your application, prior to you forwarding it to the 15WSM Selection Panel for approval.
  • Each Adult Leader application must be reviewed by the Rover Scouter, where applicable, and/or the District/Regional Commissioner who will complete the recommendation and sign your application verifying that they support and approve of your application prior to you forwarding it to the 15WSM Selection Panel for approval.


  • All applications must be submitted to The Contingent Management Team, SCOUTS South Africa Contingent, 15th World Scout Moot, by the very latest 30th June 2016.
  • Once you have completed and got the relevant parties to sign and endorse your 15WSM application, the 15WSM Application Form, together with a copy of the proof of payment of the Moot deposit, must be emailed to moot2017@scouts.org.za. Please note that is the only email address that will be used for all incoming Moot correspondence!
  • Once you have submitted your application via email, the original signed hard copy of the application forms and the proof of payment must be sent to: 15WSM SSA Contingent Member Application, Contingent Management Team, SCOUTS South Africa, PO Box 374, Newlands, 7725, Cape Town
  • Please note – SCOUTS South Africa is sending one Moot Crew to 15WSM, so be sure to get your application in soonest as spaces are limited. The first 30 applications received will be reviewed first.
  • Please be advised that your 15WSM Application does not guarantee a position as part of the SCOUTS South Africa Contingent, as your application still needs to be approved by the 15WSM Selection Panel.


During July 2016 you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your Moot application and notification of whether any additional information is needed from you.

You may be asked to meet with the 15WSM Selection Panel during July and August 2016 and shortly thereafter will be notified of your approval/denial as a member of the SA Contingent to the 15th World Scout Moot.

Once you are accepted as a member of the SA Contingent to the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland – the FUN begins!! You can start preparing yourself for an experience of a lifetime in July 2017!

To find out about the latest developments check out the Moot Bulletin here!

Yours in Rovering.

Cameron Belling
Head of Contingent
15WSM Contingent Management Team