SSA grants for food gardens at ECD Centers

28 May marks “World Hunger Day” and we want to invite our members to apply for the Special Grants we have available to aid ECD Centers in their communities. This year we celebrate 100 years of Cubbing and an essential part of our celebrations is the support we want to offer to 100 Early Childhood Development Centers (ECD) nationwide.

As a balanced and nutritious diet is essential to the well-being of our children and youth today, we are offering our members grants of up to R5000 to establish food gardens at Early Childhood Development Centers and to train the staff and volunteers there how to maintain and sustain it at minimal cost.

The food gardens are part of a programme developed in 2008 by SCOUTS South Africa called “Food for Life”. The programme teaches our members and their communities how to compost, how to establish and sustain the growth of vegetables for their families and community members, etc… People with adequate nutrition are more productive and can create opportunities to break the cycles of poverty and hunger. As Scouts it is our duty to be of service to others.

Over the years many food gardens have been established at churches, schools, orphanages, scout halls and homes. For example in Mpumalanga Scouts and Rovers established a garden for the Children in Distress Home that looks after over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children and have over 200 Care Givers who themselves live in extreme poverty. In KwaZulu-Natal Scouts from the Wembezi Township started a vegetable garden at their local school in response to the need of children and people in their community living with disabilities, illnesses and in extreme poverty.

If you know of an ECD Centre in your community that provides services to children who really need to be given healthy food, talk to your fellow Rovers, Scouts, Cubs and Scouters and apply for the grant here!

The ECD project funding was raised by our Chief Scout Sibusiso Vilane in Germany in partnership with Nangu Thina and the Umckaloabo Foundation.