Want to attend the 2018 Scout Moot in Peru?

Greetings prospective inter american Moot participant,

It is with great anticipation that I invite you to join our South African Rover Contingent to the 3rd Inter american Scout Moot in Peru in 2018. The Moot is an official event of the Inter american Scouting Region, and is hosted and organized by the Peru Scouting Association.
It will be the second time a South Africa Rover Contingent travels to an International Moot and experience new culture, meet new friends and create memories to last a life-time. The 2017 World Scout Moot held in Iceland was a huge success and the biggest Moot ever held with about 5000 participants.

Moot Theme:

The theme of the 3rd Inter-american moot is “Walking together through America’”. This signifies the integration of people, collective work, unity, cultural exchange, search and discovery. It also highlights what community spirit can achieve as well as celebrates cultural diversity which strengthens the movement to create a better world.
Peru is a country well chosen for the theme “Walking together through America”, given that the world famous Incan trail and ruins stand testament to the Empires collectivism of the group over an individual.


The Moot is scheduled from 27th July 2018 – 5th August 2018


The Moot will take place in Cusco, Peru.
The program is centered around the ancient Incan civilization. Having the opportunity to combine attending a fantastic international event with Senior Scouts and Rovers from around the world, whilst exploring Cusco’s archeological landscape and culture is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Who can attend:

If you are between 18- 25 years old at the start of the camp (those born between 5 Aug 1992 – 27  July 2000) are eligible to take part in the 3rd Interamerican Scout Moot.
If you are 26 years old and above (those born on or before 4 Aug 1992) you can register to be members of the International Service Team.


The current Rand (ZAR) exchange rate against world currencies has not been kind to us. We are still finalizing our budgets, consulting with a number of travel agents and various suppliers but anticipate that the interamerican Moot fee will be in the region of R40,000 to R45,000 per participant. This fee includes flights; all transportation to and from the Moot; accommodation; meals; the Moot fee; all Moot on and off-site activities; tents and cooking gear you will use while at the Moot; medical care during the period of the Scout Moot itself (Medication and any costs relating to hospitalization are NOT included in the fee); several Moot badges; a Interamerican participation pack. A deposit of R7,000 is due on applying to join the contingent. Proof of payment must be submitted with the application below by the 15th November 2018. Final payment of the total fees will be due by 31 May 2018.

We are also investigating the possibility of a brief post-Moot tour. The itinerary will be dependent on the budget/cost. More information regarding this will be shared in the upcoming months. In addition to the Moot fee, you may also need to budget for the purchase of extra uniform parts and special Moot gear.

How to apply?

Complete the relevant application form and email it – together with the proof if payment of the deposit – to inge.nuemann@scouts.org.zaIt is important that you fill out the application completely, print clearly and ensure that the information is true and correct. 

  • Moot Rover Application Form 
    For Rovers it is especially important that you have your Crew Chairman or Rover Scouter complete the recommendation and sign your application, verifying that they support and approve of your application, prior to you forwarding it to the Selection Panel for approval.
  • Moot Adult Application Form 
    Each Adult Leader application must be reviewed by the Rover Scouter, where applicable, and/or the District/Regional Commissioner who will complete the recommendation and sign your application verifying that they support and approve of your application prior to you forwarding it to the Selection Panel for approval.
  • 3ISM Expression of Interest
  • 3ISM- How to Apply to Attend

Please note that SCOUTS South Africa is sending 1 Moot Crew to the Moot, so be sure to get your application in soonest as spaces are limited. The first 30 applications received will be reviewed first.

Looking forward to meeting you and the road ahead in this great adventure!

Yours in Rovering,
Inge Neumann
Contingent Leader
3ISM Contingent Management Team