Africa Scout Day Niger 2019

The Niger Scout Association invites Scouts to participate in the Africa Scout Day celebrations in Niger in March 2019.

1. Theme

The theme of the Africa Scout Day (ASD), Niger 2019 edition, is “African Scouting, vector of peace and justice”. This theme is covered within all activities and highlights the role of Scouting as a springboard for the promotion and consolidation of peace in the world, through its values and principles of justice; a consolidation of the values of Scouting translated into the NSOs’ commitment to contribute to the achievement of the 2023 Vision, in an inclusive “Scouting & SDGs” approach.

2. Activities and participation costs

 Assistant Leader Training : 8th -12th March 2019 Cost : 100 $ USD
 Zonal Youth Forum : 10th-12th March 2019 Cost : 50 $ USD
 Zonal Conference : 13th-15th March 2019 Cost : 75 $ USD
 BWF/ Dialogue For Peace : 13th-15th March 2019 Cost : 20 $ USD
 Africa Scout Day Camp : 14th-15th March 2019 Cost : 20 $ USD
 Africa Scout Day Celebration : 16th March 2019
 Zone Africa : Cost : 50 $ USD
 Other zones : Cost : 75 $ USD

In addition, to provide for a greater participation, those wishing to participate in more than one event will have the following advantages:

 Participation to all events :
o Zone Africa : 175 $ USD
o Other Zones : 250 $ USD
 Zonal Youth Forum and Conference :
o Zone Africa
o Adult : 100 $ USD
o Youth : 75 $ USD
o Autres Zones : 150 $ USD

3. Payments

 Bank name : Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Niger
 Bank Address : Avenue de la Mairie BP 10350 Tel +227/ 20 73 31 01
 Country: Niger
 Account : Association des Scouts du Niger
 Acc. Number : 025110401112/ 20
 Code IBAN : NE040
If more convenient, you can also pay the participation fee once you arrive, prior to commencement of these activities. Once registered, you will be entitled to a participant kit.

4. Currency

The official currency in Niger is the FCFA (XOF). VISA, Mastercard and other cards are valid for any withdrawal of money. Please arrive in Niger with a minimum of liquidity in FCFA to deal with any unforeseen events.

5. Entries and registration

To register for one or more events in March 2019 in Niger, to obtain the relevant registration form or for more information: / in copy.

6. Health / Medical file

For the purpose of better medical coverage during the activities, each participant is required to complete the medical file which can be obtained at A medical team will be permanently present on the sites to assist in medical cases of ordinary order or urgency. Hygiene measures will be taken for site remediation.

7. Weather & time

The events will take place in March 2019. The weather in Niger is hot from March to May, often accompanied by sandstorms. The country enjoys a very good sunshine of 9 hours per day, with an estimated number of rainy days for this month of 0. The weather is dry and the temperatures are variable:
• Mornings at 7h = 27 ° C, afternoons at 13h = 40 ° C, evenings at 19h = 34 ° C, with 90% to 93% clear / sunny weather; Due to climate change, temperatures can exceed 42° C; Please provide sun protection for this purpose.
• In this month, the sun rises at 6:59 and sets at 19:02;
• Time zone offset is + 01:00 UTC / GMT

8. Activity agenda

To obtain information about the various sessions email

9. Visa

A Visa is compulsory for all those entering Niger, with the exception of members of the ECOWAS zone. To start the process of obtaining the flying Visa, please go to the Niger consulates in your country. In the absence of a Niger consulate in your country, please notify the organizing committee so they can take the necessary measures with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to facilitate the flying Visa for you. For this purpose, you will only have to send us a copy of your passport.

10. Transport service

When you arrive at Diori Hamani International Airport, a team will be at the reception to ensure your transport to the place of activities. Please communicate your flight plans in advance so that we can properly organize the group transport. Shuttle costs are borne by the host country.

11. Air transport facilities

In order to facilitate the coverage of flight costs, the event organisers have an agreement with SATGURU TRAVELS Agency to grant discounts to interested participants and to facilitate bookings, provided you purchase your return tickets to/from Niger.
To do this, the travel Agency has representations in your countries. Once the ticket has been booked and validated in Niger, all you have to do is go to the Agency’s representation in your country to pick it up. However, we do advise to do a comparative analysis of the ticket prices, because it might be that the ticket is cheaper at home. To contact the Agency, email:

12. Accommodation / hotel availability

Event registration entitles you to accommodation. If, however, you decide to stay in a hotel, the costs are yours. Please find details of the different hotels available here. If necessary, the organizing committee can assist you with the booking procedures.

13. Security

Participants are primarily responsible for the security of their property. Nevertheless, the security of the site, people and property will be ensured. A security system is designed by the organization in close collaboration with the competent authorities and in line with our Scouting policies and practices.

14. Cultural activities

During the various events, cultural activities are planned by the organization. Please prepare accordingly.

15. Communication

A communication team is dispatched to ensure the communication as a whole during all events. They will be at your disposal for any communication needs. If it is appropriate for you to share a good practice, please prepare for it, Niger Radio Scout and the Communication Team will be on the sites for interviews, for the purpose of promoting best practices.

16. The site

The site maintained for the first activity is the “Silo Center”, located 15 km from Niamey Capital, reflecting a Scout camp site with the appropriate services. Other sites are Aéroport International Diori Hamani au Centre National Scout : 18 Km and Aéroport International Diori Hamani au Centre Siloé : 25 Km.