Your mental wellbeing is important to us

The Covid-19 pandemic and long-lasting lockdown has taken a toll on all our lives. We just want to remind you that you are not alone. You are part of a Scout family and your mental and physical health is important to us.

Feelings of fear, anxiety and stress during this extended Covid-19 lockdown period is completely normal and, according to medical journal The Lancet, is an expected outcome for people who have been in quarantine and lockdown situations following past studies on much smaller outbreaks of viruses in previous years.

We put together a few resources to help you and your loved-ones cope during these challenging times. However remember that talking to someone about your problems can help you manage your feelings and assist you in finding a way forward.

World Scouting:

Watch this video from World Scouting where Jay, #Scout and mental health nurse, shares some self-care tips for a healthy mind while we #StaySafe #TogetherAtHome


“People feel the lockdown has very much limited their decision-making and choices in daily life and it is important to try take control and manage our lives to create a feeling of personal strength.” Find more tips and advice from Pietermaritzburg-base clinical psychologist, Clive Willows about staying mentally strong mental during lockdown.

Childline South Africa:

Childline SA is primarily a counselling service for children up to the age of 18. They chat to children from all over South Africa as well as adults that have concerns about children.The trained counsellers at Childline South Africa are ready to chat to you! Visit their Online Counselling chatrooms Monday-Friday, 2-6pm to chat to a counsellor, one on one in a private and confidential setting by clicking on this link:

World Health Organisation: