email addresses for members

The process to assign email addresses has been expanded.

Who can apply?

  • All warranted adult leaders, that are in a Scout Group that has signed the SPA and are registered on SSA’s membership database (Scouts.Digital), qualify to have a email address.
  • It was further decided that treasurers may also apply for the email address, but that they need to make use of the shared mailbox option (indicated on the form).
  • Rovers that do not have a warrant may also apply for a email address, but they have to be part of a Crew that has signed the SPA and they should be registered on the SSA’s membership database (Scouts.Digital).

Alias or shared mailbox options:

  • With an alias (i.e. the email address is linked to a specific role. This means that if the person in that role leaves, the email address will be transferable to the next person in line.
  • If you opt for a shared mailbox (i.e. more than one email address can be assigned to the mailbox. Unless deleted by a mailbox member, the history and messages stay in the mailbox and enhance continuity of service to our youth

To apply for a email address complete this Email request form and send it to Subject line: email address application.

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