Bettering the world, one innovative idea at a time 

Mzamo Ncube is no stranger to the Scout Movement. As the Regional Young Leaders Representative for the KZN Region he has been hard at work promoting youth involvement and ensuring voices are heard. He has now joined Pia and Zama in the KZN SSA Youth Influencer team. 

I am Mzamo Ncube. I’m a youth activist and a solutions-orientated person. I enjoy working with like-minded peers to make our world a better place, one innovative idea at time.

My Scouting journey began in 2008 when I was 11 years old and doing Grade 6 at Phesheya Primary, a local school in Ngwelezane, KZN. I joined voluntarily as a young boy after seeing a Troop at my school in full uniform. I was so impressed! As I attended the first camp with my Troop, I was exposed to a whole new different world which made me stay active all these years. As a Scout, PLTU was the greatest career highlight! It was also the reason that I got to spend my first New Years’ Eve away from home, for a total of 11 consecutive nights from the 31st of December 2012 to the 12th of January 2013. When I think back on some of the more challenging activities I experienced, but also then some of the most rewarding, my Springbok Camp and Construction Project come to mind. They were the first most challenging activities I had ever organized. They took place more than 180km away from my Scout District.

Today, I’m proud to be able to serve as the ATS for 1st Grantham Park Troop (Zululand District), as the Regional KZN Young Leaders Representative and now also a Youth Influencer. One of my favourite moments as the KZN YLR was the recent KZN Regional Youth Forum, a first for KZN.

The Scout Laws remind me how to interact with the world

The reason why I love Scouting the most is because there is a vast range of age groups in the Movement, which indicates that there is no age limit for joining Scouting. The same can be said with regards to gender, religious denomination, or race, just to name a few. Scouting has given me an opportunity to engage with my peers, to more than adequately develop across multiple aspects of life (socially, physically, mentally, spiritually). My life has been positively changing every day, via support structures of mentors at our disposal.

Scouting encourages members to maintain a personal development plan, to ensure sustainable self-growth and management. The Scouts ethics – generally known as the Promise and Law – played an important role in shaping my character to date. They are my constant reminder of how to interact with the world, more especially in my community and local society.

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