Scouting teaches you endurance to achieve your dreams

Written by Thozamile Dingaan, NC Youth Influencer

As young people we go through life with big dreams.  Reakgona Scout Alumni Allistar Pikes Pieterse also had a dream, the dream of one day serving our country as a member of SANDF. When I caught up with him recently I learned that he currently working for the SANDF!

I spoke to him about the role Scouting played in him achieving his goal

SSA: What did I learn through Scouting as child?
Allistar: I was a Scout with the Reakgona Scout Group. The Scout Group was located in Club 2000 just near the sports ground. Scouting taught me how to be a child. Apart from the many skills that I gained like those you would do practically, like working with ropes or setting up tents, it also taught me commitment.  It taught me how to  commit fully to anything and finish what I started. There would never be a challenge we would start and not finish it. That’s the value that I have taken from Scouting and that I treasure till this day.

SSA:  What memories can you share about you Scouting journey?
Special memories about my Scouting journey are the many service projects we used to do and friendship we shared. We would go out to old age homes, spend time with the old people, and even do clean-ups. We always used to be brothers and sisters when we went out to the community. To everyone we were a huge family. I made a lot of friends. I enjoyed being around my peers and creating those special memories. I will always be grateful that I found brothers in Scouting and a social support system which helped be get through my teenage years.

SSA: Why was being in the SANDF your dream?
This has been my dream ever since I could remember. I wanted to serve and be in uniform. I consider myself lucky to have found Scouts, as it helped me to be prepared. It was in Scouting that I discovered my love for the outdoors,. Going camping and always being outside. I discovered that I am a jungle and that there is so much potential that is within me. The challenging advancement showed me that there is always a way to get something done, all you need to do is to think a little outside your box. That’s what I would experience at work and have to apply.  I stayed consistent to my dream and through the endurance I learned in Scouting, I reached my dream.

SSA: What is your motivation to our young people with big dreams?
Allistar: My motivation to young people would be that they should keep on being committed to their dreams. For you to achieve them, you need endurance and discipline. It is through these qualities you will achieve them. Everything you do as a Scout will impact how you would respond to anything and everything else. So start being disciplined now, and with endurance it will show.