Leave a legacy of change #NationalWillsWeek

Thinking about drafting Wills and passing away is never pleasant. However, having a Will in place ensures that your hard-earned assets will be divided as per your wishes among your family and loved ones.

From 12 to 16 September a number of attorneys nationwide will be taking part in National Wills Week where they will draft Wills free of charge. 

Why leave a legacy to Scouting?

If you would be having your Will drafted this week, we would like to ask you to take a moment to reflect on your life’s journey, on the role Scouting has played, and on the legacy you would like to leave for generations to come. Think about the friends you made, the adventures you had, and how the skills you learnt through Scouting have helped you in life.

By leaving a bequest to the SCOUT Foundation in your Will, you could create the change our communities need and build a legacy of solid leadership, good citizenship and service. To create your legacy, add this codicil to your Will.

Why is it important to have a Will?

A Will is a legal document that details how you would like your assets (house, car, investments etc.) to be shared with your family and loved ones after you ‘go home’.  It gives you the opportunity to leave a legacy for others to build upon.

A Will needs to be drawn up by a legal practitioner in accordance with specific guidelines and directions as outlined in the Law. During National Wills Week members of the public can get their wills drawn up for free by participating attorneys nationwide. These attorneys include private attorneys, Legal Aid South Africa attorneys, attorneys affiliated with the Law Society of South Africa, and many others.

Find the 2022 list of participating attorney’s here: https://www.lssa.org.za/our-initiatives/advocacy/national-wills-week/

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