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Packing Guidelines

With less than a year to the Jamboree it is time to start thinking about what you will be taking with you on camp…

Participants will receive a contingent bag in which they will need to pack EVERYTHING they will need for the duration of the trip and the CMT will be providing a detailed packing list.

In the meantime, the 24WSJ organisers have provided the following packing guidelines, taking into account the local weather, climate, and programming requirements.

The following is a list of useful camping equipment.

Camping Equipment:
The WSJ will provide most camping needs,  however, you will need to bring the following items.
❑Sleeping bag, pillow, and pad
❑Personal eating kit
❑Day Bag

Weather at The Summit Bechtel Reserve varies greatly. Sunny weather will range between 28-32°C. Evening temps will often drop below 10°C. Humidity is high and short afternoon thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence. Try to avoid cotton which holds moisture, does not retain heat when wet, and can cause blisters/chafing.
❑t-shirts / long and short pants / socks / underwear / etc. (4-5 sets)
❑Sleep clothing
❑Full Toiletries Kit & Towel (Eco-friendly products please)
❑One lightweight evening jacket
❑Scout Uniform
❑Lightweight Rain Gear

Hot Weather
❑ Hat / Wide-brimmed hat / Sunglasses
❑ Sunshirt / Sunscreen Sun protection is vital.
❑ Insect repellent
❑ Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder

Participants should prepare for a lot of hiking across long distances. All footwear should be well broken in before arrival. Sandals are only appropriate for shower houses.
❑ Broken-in hiking boots
❑ Sturdy Lace-up shoes (lightweight sports like biking or skating)
❑ Water shoes (optional)

Programme Options:
❑ One-piece swimming suit (no bikinis because of active swimming activities)
❑ Extra swimming towel (optional)
❑ Trading Items (badges, scarfs, woggles, traditional items, etc.)

❑ Notebook and pencil
Optional Electronics
You may wish to bring the following items:
❑ Camera
❑ Power bank/ spare batteries solar charger.