SA Chief Scout Brendon elected Chairperson of the World Scout Ethics Committee

Chief Scout Brendon
Photo by B Dale

As a Movement based on values and ethics, the World Scout Committee has been working on enhancing their existing mechanisms to effectively promote the principles of ethical behaviour throughout the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). This included the establishment of an Ethics Committee within WOSM, the development of a general WOSM Code of Conduct applicable for all matters in WOSM related to World and Regional levels as well as a revised WOSM Complaints Policy.

SCOUTS SA Chief Scout Dr Brendon Hausberger has just been appointed as Chairperson for the first term of the Ethics Committee which will last until the closure of the 42nd World Scout Conference in 2020. He is joined by Ms Francisca Vong Kin Cheng (Macao), Mr Göran Hägerdal (Sweden), Ms Maria Jose Rivas Vera (Paraguay), Ms Sornsawan Ho (Thailand) and Prof Mohammed Abu-Nimer (KAICIID Dialogue Centre).

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is:

  • To advise and assist the WSC on ethical matters, including the enforcement of the WOSM Code of Conduct in accordance with its mandate and the WOSM Complaints Policy.
  • To provide assistance in reinforcing ethical standards and in the mediation of leadership disputes to World, Regional, and National levels where requested by the WSC, Regional Scout Committees, or WSB Senior Management.
  • Provide mediation support to National Scout Organisations in internal dispute matters.

When approached for comment Chief Scout Brendon said “It is an immense and little overwhelming privilege to be asked to serve the Scouts of the world and their Movement in this role. Along with the other members of the committee, we have accepted the responsibility of helping WOSM and the WSC navigate the ever increasing ethical challenges of being a Movement actively creating a better world with over 50 million members in more than 170 national bodies.”