SA members going abroad


Letter of Introduction

Anybody wanting to visit a Group – Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts, Rovers – abroad needs to have a Letter of Introduction from SCOUTS South Africa. This is a standard procedure for all NSOs. In the case a member of SSA travels abroad there is a standard WOSM issued “Letter of introduction” needs to be signed by the International Committee Chair or Chief Commissioner. This indicates that the person is a member and in good standing with SCOUTS South Africa.

Visit a Group abroad

Going abroad and you want to get in touch with local Scout Groups in the country you are visiting? Get in touch with the International Committee . Apply for a Letter of Introduction (Form here: Application for Letter of Introduction) and complete the form for them to be able to process your request. Find form here:  Application for SSA Individual Members to Visit Groups in Foreign Countries

Moving abroad

Moving abroad and you want to join a group there? Get in touch with the International Committee and request a letter of introduction / good standing. Please complete the form below so that the team is able to process your request. Find form here: Application for Letter of Introduction

Partake in international events/tours

Interested in participating in an international tour/camp/jamboree/conference/event? Almost all events such as these have their own application processes. Please note that as a member of SCOUTS South Africa you are NOT permitted to engage in any official Scout activities outside of the country without having consulted the International Committee or National Scout Office first.  To contact the International Committee email

If you are planning to take Scouts/Rovers on an international tour, the following form will need to be completed and sent to : Application for SSA Members to Visit Foreign Countries.

Recognised International events:
  • World Jamborees
  • Africa Jamborees
  • Africa Scout Day
  • World Moots
  • Africa Moots
  • World Scout Conference
  • World Scout Youth Forum
  • Africa Scout Conference
  • Africa Scout Youth Forum
  • Southern Zone Scout Conference
  • Southern Zone Scout Youth Forum
  • International staffing opportunities at International Scout centres, i.e. Kandersteg

To view current international opportunities for SSA members, check out our News Blog regularly!