Scout Method


SCOUTS South Africa’s methodology is a system of progressive experiential learning and non formal education through:

  • Our Promise and Law
  • Learning by Doing. This takes place through result-driven, hands-on activities where Scouts can later evaluate what they have learnt. Learning by doing is far more meaningful, memorable, and long lasting and it deepens the understanding of concepts and mastering of practical skills.
  • The Patrol System, i.e. membership of small groups under adult guidance. This enhances involvement, progressive discovery and acceptance of responsibility, training towards self-government and the development of character, the acquisition of competence, self-reliance, dependability and capacities both to co-operate and to lead.
  • Progressive and stimulating programmes and a variety of additional activities and projects based on the interests of the members, incl. games, useful life skills, services to community, …
  • Adventure. By creating challenging opportunities for the members to experience we strive to provide a platform for members to practice and develop skills in accordance with the aims of SCOUTS South Africa.

From:  SCOUTS South Africa Constitution.