Springbok Award

The Springbok Award is the highest award achievable by any Scout in South Africa.

It is mandatory for all aspirant Springbok Scouts to register as a Springbok Candidate with the SCOUTS South Africa National Office, before starting the Springbok journey! Aspirant Springbok Scouts are please to review the Springbok Award Registration and Application Guidelines below and register by completing the Springbok Award Registration and submitting to their local Regional Team Coordinator: Scout Programme.

A Scout must be at least sixteen years old and must have completed all the requirements and have achieved the First Class Advancement Level prior to registering and commencing their Springbok journey. The completion of all requirements for the Springbok Award must occur before the Springbok Candidate’s eighteenth birthday.



Springbok Scout Gallery

Well done to our 2023 Springbok recipients for their great achievement! You make us proud!