Growing the endowment fund

SCOUTS SA launches its Alumni Network
One of the Scout Laws speaks of managing all resources thriftily. Therefore specific donations and bequests made to SCOUTS South Africa are kept in an endowment fund managed by an independent SCOUT Foundation.

The endowment fund is made up of monies donated or bequeathed, which are invested to generate income. 75% of the interest in dispersed annually to SCOUTS South Africa and 25% of the interest is reinvested into the capital of the endowment fund.

Scout Foundation EndowmentThe endowment fund serves as a tool to enhance the financial sustainability of SCOUTS South Africa, its sole beneficiary.The fund is one of many income sources for the NGO and aids in diversifying SSA’s funding base as it reduces reliance on other sources of funding alone. In our current economic climate the endowment fund secures the sustainability of Scouting in South Africa.

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