How to complete SfH2?

The Safe from Harm 2 (SfH2) e-learning course was designed for Volunteers and Staff of the World Scout Movement. The e-learning covers is an advanced learning that could be completed after completing the SfH1 Essential e-Learning course. Find it HERE.

SSA volunteers and staff are encouraged to complete SfH2 for an enhanced understanding of good practices to promote and ensure a safe environment for all, that prevents harm and abuse.

The course is available here:

Steps to complete the course:

  • To access this course you will need to create a profile for yourself on the WOSM platform. You can do this by clicking on the log-in tab in the top right hand corner.
  • After you have logged in, you will see a landing page with a button prompting you to start the course.
  • Follow the prompts as you advance through the course.
  • Happy learning and thank you for taking the time to put Safe from Harm first!