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My Scout Journey starts with Membership which can take place at any age from 11 to 17.  Next step on the journey is a ‘Trail to Traveler’, followed by a ‘Track to Discoverer’ and then the destination that all Scouts can achieve, the ‘Road to First Class’.

Once a Scout becomes a First Class Scout, the ‘Path to Springbok’ is the final leg on the Journey to achieving the Springbok Award and becoming a Springbok Scout.

In addition, there are four Challenge Awards, namely, Airman’s Cord, Bosun’s Cord, Bushman’s Thong, and Service Cord, which can be achieved before, during, or after your Springbok Journey. Find the Challenge Award Application form here.

The following resources map out each leg of the journey along My Scout Journey to achieve each of the advancement levels, which will provide some direction to becoming a first class First Class Scout and, hopefully, a Springbok Scout.

How to explain ‘My Scout Journey’ to Scouts


This PowerPoint presentation and accompanying notes is a resource for Troop Scouter’s and Patrol Leader’s to use to explain My Scout Journey to their Scouts.

It can be used when discussing the next level of advancement with a Scout at their Personal Growth Agreement (PGA) discussion at the end of each advancement level. The Patrol Leaders can also follow this through and discuss advancement progress at their Patrol in Council meetings.

My Scout Journey resources

Each section of My Scout Journey takes on a new and more challenging age-appropriate route, the details of which can be found below:


My Scout Journey 1 – Membership 2023v1



My Scout Journey 2 – Trail to Traveller 2023v1



My Scout Journey 3 – Track to Discoverer 2023v1


First Class

My Scout Journey 4 – Road to First Class 2023v1



My Scout Journey 5 – Path to Springbok 2023v1


Find useful information and documents to assist in planning your Springbok Journey on the Springbok Award page here.  Included are guidelines for your Springbok Award Registration and Application, including the necessary forms, as well as guidelines for your Springbok Expedition, Springbok Interview and Springbok Presentation.

Scout Advancement Progress Chart & Record Sheets

Additional Scout Programme Material