World Scout Environment Badge

World Scout Environment Badge

“The man who is blind to the beauties of Nature

has missed half the pleasure of life.”

Scouting founder Lord Baden Powell.

World Scout Environment BadgeThe World Scout Environment Badge programme focuses on the environment in a broad sense. It encourages Scouts to have a holistic awareness of the natural world and how their daily actions can impact upon this, as well as progressively builds a sense of personal responsibility for the environment.

The process for earning the World Scout Environment Badge (WSEB) includes:

  1. Explore and Reflect: Complete activities based on each of the five aims for environmental education in Scouting. Scouts are working towards a world where:
    1. People and natural systems have clean water and clean air.
    2. Sufficient natural habitat exists to support native species.
    3. The risk of harmful substances to people and the environment are minimised.
    4. The most suitable environmental practices are used.
    5. People are prepared to respond to environmental hazards and natural
  2. Take Action: Do an environmental project that relates to the previous learning and to the local environment.
  3. The Scouter signs off  (as they would for other SSA interest badges).
  4. The World Scout Environment Badge is presented to the Scout in recognition of their learning and commitment to the environment.

The requirements to obtain the WSEB in South Africa: World Environment Badge Requirement