Renewable Energy, reduce, re-use & recycle!

Forty parents, Scout and Cubs from the 1st Merrydale Group in Mitchell’s Plain, in the Western Cape, teamed up with 50 non-Scouts to implement a recycling project that focused on renewable energy and reduction, re-usage and recycling of waste.

In preparation for the project the Group received books from the Environmental Resource Management department (ERMD) to learn about waste management and visited the Athlone Refuse Service station (ARTS) to find out more about the processes involved in separating waste material.

The Group hosted a craft and arts workshop for the community and incorporated Earth hour in their programme. The Cubs and Scouts created lanterns from tins and 2litre plastic bottles and gave a presentation on their art work and informed their community about saving electricity. The Group realized that the project had the potential to produce lifelong benefits. Not only will it help in making the environment cleaner for the future generation, but it might even create job opportunities! Being prepared at its best!