Leadership and Patrol System survey

The Youth Programme Team have compiled an online leadership and patrol system survey.

If you participate in the survey you will be contributing to obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the opinions and general understanding that exists of leadership in Scouting and the Patrol System. The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete. Although we collect some demographic information, you are not required to complete any personal information so anonymity is guaranteed.

The survey will close on the 4th August 2014. At this point the link to the survey will be removed and no further survey responses will be received.

If you find that you have further information that you would like to share, but cannot find a related question within this survey, please feel free to send your thoughts to me via email: darren@scouting.org.za.

The information gathered from this survey will assist us in assessing and, if applicable, improving our current leadership and patrol system methods.   Help our Movement grow and complete it here!


Darren Robinson
National Youth Programme Chairperson