Scouting About Spring Edition!

Find out what Scouts in SA have been up to!  Scouting About – Spring 2014


KZN Rally

  • Exploration and outdoor adventure whilst on EE Camps in Hawequas
  • Congratulations Springbok Scouts
  • Messengers of Peace
  • B-P’s OUTLOOK – Faith, Hope and Love
  • Cecil Reddy – A great loss for Scouting and the South African steel industry
  • Tribute to Rodney Barker
  • Lionel Cohen – 100 Years Old and Still a Scout at Heart
  • Chief Scout summits Kilimanjaro in support of girls in poor communities
  • KwaZulu-Natal Rally
  • Gilwell Reunion
  • Young Skydiver Receives his Wings
  • From India: A Slar Water Lens
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