Call for new SW & NE Eastern Cape Regional Commissioners

Following the recent decision to split the Eastern Cape Province into two Scouting Regions, Adult members of SCOUTS South Africa, based in the Eastern Cape, are invited to apply for the position of Regional Commissioner SW Eastern Cape or Regional Commissioner NE Eastern Cape. These names are temporary and the process to agree on new names is underway. The new Regional Scouting boundaries are shown below.

New regional boundaries EC

Applicants should have:

  • experience of Scouting in the region,
  • a sound understanding of the current SSA Policies
  • good leadership and communication skills.
  • Access to email and office facilities will be an advantage.

The job description for Regional Commissioner can be found here.

To apply, fill in the form “Application for SSA Positions” and send to

All Applications must be submitted to the Chief Commissioner, Dr Brendon Hausberger by 15th May 2015