Rover Nomination for A Common World Among Youth

The Africa Scout Region calls for nominations of 3 Rovers (one Christian, one Muslim and one from Hinduism, Buddhism or Judaism) to take part in an initiative called ‘A Common World Among Youth‘ (ACWAY).

This initiative aims at developing a network of young leaders who deliver grass roots activities on co-existence and inter-faith relations. The programme consists of the selection and training of 100 young people from around the world representing the world’s major religions to become advocates of co-existence and religious harmony. Two international conferences will be held to allow for members to network and showcase the projects and activities to the international community.

Please note that all nominations from South Africa will be collated by the National Office and the final three nominees sent through to the Africa Region. No direct applications to the Africa Region will be accepted. Please send you motivation to join ACWAY to before 10th June 2015.

For more information on the nomination criteria and information on the initiative click on the link below:
20150602 Circular Nº ASR-09-2015 (Nominations for ACWAY)