JML Rotary Scout sailing from Cape Town to Durban. Join Now!

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photo: supplied by Grant Chapman

Scouts and Scouters with the necessary sailing qualifications and experience can get a chance to join the crew of the JML Rotary Scout Yacht in March to May this year as SSA is taking her up the coast from Cape Town to Durban. The JML Rotary Scout Yacht will also participate in the Vasco da Gama Race from Durban to Port Elizabeth in April.

Below are the intended date ranges for each leg to allow for some flexibility with regards to weather conditions. The dates have been chosen to coincide with weekends and public holidays. There will be overnight passages in each of the legs and the boat has accommodation for up to 8 people, including the skipper.

  • CT to Mossel Bay: 18-20 March
  • Mossel Bay to East London: 24-28 March
  • East London to Durban: 01-04 April
  • Vasco da Gama Race Durban to Port Elizabeth: 23-27 April. If participating in this race there is an additional race entry fee of R650 per person is due.
  • Algoa Bay Race: 30 April -01 May: If participating in this race there is an additional race entry fee of R150 per person.
  • Port Elizabeth to Mossel Bay: 06-08 May
  • Mossel Bay to Cape Town: 14-15 May

The yacht will also be spending some time in each of the ports on the way up to Durban and back again on the dates given above so that Scouts and Scouters in these port towns and cities will have the opportunity to do a day sail on the yacht. Theses outings will cost a nominal R50 per person and no qualification or experience is necessary other than the ability to swim.  Please could Troop Scouters interested in doing this get in touch with Grant Chapman prior to the planned departure dates so that we can schedule an activity for their Scouts while we are in port.

How to join?

  • We are looking for both skippers and crew to compliment our in-house skippers along this exciting and beautiful trip. Interested Scouting members can contact Grant Chapman ( with their name, age, sailing qualifications, experience, where they reside and which leg they are interested in.
  • A minimum of a keelboat Competent Crew qualification will be required to participate.
  • The cost per day spent on the boat will be a R225 per person to cover fuel costs, boat maintenance and food. Once participants have been approved and payment received their participation in a particular leg and a berth will be secured.
  • Participants in any of the legs will need to get to and from the boat themselves but if need be can spend the odd additional night on the boat at each destination at no additional cost, either before or after a passage (or both) to allow for flexibility in travel and actual passage times taken. Some skippers and crew will be offering to share road transport to and from destinations. All crew will participate fully in the sailing of the boat, including sail trimming, navigation and helming as well as participating in day and night watches.
  • Day trips: see above

Grant Chapman
JML Rotary Scout Skipper (SAS Yachtmaster)