Building things using natural items is the best!

This year we are celebrating 100 years of Cubbing worldwide. In South Africa we are celebrating through Group, District, Regional and National events. But, if we really want to know why Cubbing Rocks, who better to ask than the Cubs themselves….

We spoke to Diego Lopez (10) from 1st Kempton Park Cub Pack in Gauteng.

diegoSSA: Why is Cubbing so much fun?
We learn new things all the time, and we explore the nature.

SSA: What was your best experience with Cubs?
We had to dress up as clowns and do circus things. We also did our Nature Craft interest badge, and the best part of that was that we had to build things using natural items.

SSA: What is the weirdest thing you ate outdoors?
The weirdest thing was having water after tasting vinegar and honey, vinegar is quite gross.

SSA: What was the toughest challenge at Cubs?
Keeping my Six neat, smart and ready to listen at Cubs – this is tough you know.

SSA: What was the most amazing place you visited with Cubs?
The most amazing place was Arrowe Park where we made fishing rods and caught crabs.

SSA: Can you name a few things you have learnt by being a Cub?
I’ve learnt about animal Paw Prints, how to make trail signs, cool things about plants and how to help and care for people.

SSA: What things have you done with Cubs to help people in your community?
We learnt what to do if someone is in trouble. So somebody pretended to be passed out and we had to help by reviving them, calling for help and putting them in the recovery position.

SSA: What did you teach your mum that you learned at Cubs?
I taught my mom how to be scared with a “rattlesnake” we made at Cubs.

SSA: What makes a good Akela?
A good Akela is Strict, fun, kind, loving and caring.

SSA: Why is your Akela special?
She has a good heart and is fun. She is kind, but she also get cross with us sometimes and that is what Cubs need.

Cubbing Rocks because …
We get to do some really cool stuff, like climbing trees, making fishing rods and catching crabs. I love Cubs and I am glad that I am one.

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