I taught mum how to have fun

Three more days to go! Akela’s from all over the country and a few guests from abroad will be gathering in Johannesburg for Akela 2016. We have been talking to Cubs nationwide and this is what Thando Zondo (8) from 1st Boksburg Cub Pack in Gauteng had to say.

Thando ZondoSSA: Why is Cubbing so much fun?
Cubbing is fun because we hear stories, play games and learn how to survive in the wilderness.

SSA: What was your best experience with Cubs?
My best experiences are going on camps and making new friends.

SSA: What is the weirdest thing you ate outdoors?
Once we had to eat brains. That was weird!

SSA: What was the toughest challenge at Cubs?
The toughest challenge was to shoot a bottle with a water gun. That was really hard.

SSA: What was the most amazing place you visited with Cubs?
The most amazing place we went to was Durban.

SSA: Can you name a few things you have learnt by being a Cub?
I learned how to serve others, how to do knots and how to put a fire out.

SSA: What things have you done with Cubs to help people in your community?
We have helped poor people by packing food parcels.

SSA: What did you teach your mum that you learned at Cubs?
I taught my mum how to have fun.

SSA: What makes a good Akela?
A good Akela is fun.

SSA: Why is your Akela special?
My Akela is special to me because she is so kind.

Cubbing Rocks because … it is FUN!

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