Treating each one with dignity and respect

Written by: Denja Otte

The 1st Sasekani Scout Group in Limpopo gave back to their community by painting and decorating the Sasekani crèche. The Scouts named their Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD)-project “New beginnings” as they wanted to give the children at the crèche a better educational environment.

Sasekani crèche 3The 12 Scouts and adult volunteers made the crèche looks like a new home away from home. Before this project the parents were concerned about the circumstances of the crèche. 1st Sasekani Scout Group from Keep the Dream 196 decided that they were going to make a change and help the children that attend the crèche.

Scouter Rosemary Nkwashu brought together Scouts, parents and other volunteers and applied for the ECD funding advertised on the national SCOUTS South Africa website. Once the project was accepted she put her plan into action. The Group started by cleaning the crèche. Rosemary hired a professional painter to teach the Scouts and volunteers how to paint and then they refurbished and decorated the crèche.

Sasekani crèche 2Over 100 parents can now leave there children during the day at a wonderful coloured centre whilst at work. With the high unemployment rate in the area it also allows parents to be at ease and focus on finding new jobs. Sasekani crèche principal says “Each one needs to be treated with dignity and respect, so we feel honoured by the work of your Scouts at our crèche.”

“The Scouts enjoyed this activity and are looking forward helping the ECD Center in the future with a gate and a jungle gym” explains Rosemary. “We will also be helping another crèche in our area.  Twenty parents have seen the benefits of Scouting and have registered their children so they can join.”

The funds for this project were raised by Chief Scout Sibusiso Vilane in partnership with Nangu Thina and the Umckaloabo Foundation.