Let’s make some waves for good!

New Years Message by Dr. Brendon Hausberger – Chief Commissioner

A little Cub sits by a stream and throws a pebble into the water.  Instantly the pebble is gone, absorbed by the water. The ripples caused by the stone continue to move through the water and brush against the bank for long afterwards. The effect of the pebble’s ripples can be positive, washing a seed to the shoreline where it can stretch out its roots and grow. These ripples can also be destructive, toppling a toy boat to sink to the bottom of the stream.  The other amazing thing about ripples is that while the effects of one pebble in the stream is often hard to see, if 100 Cubs threw pebbles in the same direction at the same time – well that could easily build to a wave that would wash an Akela or two to the shore.

As we start a new year, what pebbles will we choose throw into our streams? What will we try to achieve this year? How do you intend to use this year to “leave the world a better place than you found it”?

As a youth movement, like much of the world now, we often want to see changes overnight, demanding solutions to problems instantaneously. In reality though we, like the hundred Cubs throwing stones, need to build up the momentum and work together to make the change we want to see happen.

As Scouting members and citizens of a country that is experiencing changes and struggling with the challenges of poverty, social inequality and unemployment, we need to acknowledge the role we have to play. We are leaders and active members of our South African society and need to set the example by:

  • being honest
  • being friends to other people,
  • being courteous to others who may not share our views,
  • working within the laws of our organisation and land to realise the changes we want to see happen,
  • sharing smiles and encouraging each other when tough moments occur
  • using the resources at our disposal as efficiently as possible to reach those goals.

2017 is also going to be a hallmark year for Scouting in South Africa as we come together at the end of September to collect your views at the first National SSA Lekgotla. The opinions and experiences of you, the Scouters and Scouts on the ground are instrumental if we want to grow our Movement together as a family. We will be sharing more information about the national Lekgotla throughout the year and will be engaging with you through various social media platforms and regional meetings about some key long term strategic questions and decisions that you will be taking during your participation at the event.

I wish you all a blessed, prosperous and exciting new year as you pull your arms back to toss your pebbles in the stream – use this opportunity to make some waves for good this year!