Kaitlyn Dabbs wins R2500 with Child Friendly App

Scouts, Rovers, Scouters, parents and friends have all been downloading and nominating Scouting members as part of the Child Friendly App competition. One of the lucky winners was Scout Kaitlyn Dabbs from the 1st Germiston Scout Group.

“I am thrilled to be the July winner“, says Kaitlyn with a smile. “Thank you to everyone who voted for me! I’m excited to share the prize money with the rest of my Troop. It will help us a lot. I am a Patrol Leader and at our next Court of Honour we will plan a special activity for everyone.”

16 year old Kaitlyn joined the 1st Germiston Scout Group  as a Cub when she was 7 year old. “I joined the Scout Movement because my brother was already involved in Scouts and I loved the stories he told and decided I wanted to join. My oldest brother was involved until he started working. The coolest thing about being a Scout is meeting new people, and going on camps or hikes. One of my highlights was going on PLTU, and being apart of the raft crew. When my friends at school ask me about Scouts I tell them that it is fun and exciting as we are always doing new things! Our Group also tries to make a difference in our community by encouraging community service and involvement. Once a term we do something special for others. So far this year we dropped off Easter eggs to some homes for the disabled in the area, then we visited a home for abandoned babies and took along some desperately needed supplies, My passion is animals so as often as I can I head down to the SPCA with my Patrol to see how we can help there.”

Throughout the country Scout Groups are listed on the Child Friendly App. When asked why people in her area should come and join 1st Germiston Scouts Kaitlyn was clear ” People should join 1st Germiston because of my Scouters. They are amazing leaders! They always make things interesting and try new things. If I hadn’t joined Scouts I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I would like to say thank you to my Patrol members. You are awesome! Also thank you to my Scouter for all your hard work in keeping Scouts fun.”

So what about the Child Friendly App? “When we heard about the competition we asked all the Cub and Scout parents, Scouters and former Scouts to download the App and to ask their friends and family too. The Child Friendly App is great for finding events and things to do on the weekend! There are loads of competitions with very nice prizes.  My Troop Scouter loves the App, especially the events and shopping!”

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