The summer camp that uplifted my Scouting spirit!

Written by Lukanyo Nuxmalo

From the 20th to the 23rd of September 2019 the Kimberley Scouts Centre was full of laughter and adventure as the Kimberley District (Northern Cape Scout Region) hosted a summer Scout camp. Scouts from the Floors No2, Barkly West and Tetlanyo Scout Groups, as well as from the Vlakfontein Scouts Group in the Kuruman District, joined in the fun whilst learning new skills together.
Lukanyo Nuxmalo, a Scout from the Floors No2 Scout Group shares his experience here.

Being with Scouts from another District was the best thing that has ever happened in my Scouts journey! They were polite and they took out my Scouting spirit that I had stored like a rucksack or tent. This camp uplifted my Scouting spirit in a way that was unbelievable!

The activities were extremely amazing. Building  a tower with just ropes and staves was the best part! It was fantastic! Learning new pioneering skills from our leaders was cool. Seeing them passing new skills to the next generation was extremely awesome. We also planned an orientation race for the discoverers and it was great. Seeing them doing the hike we prepared was the best .

When we went swimming we all went a little crazy, but in a polite way. The water was cold but we had a great time. Taking pictures for our logs was a lot of fun. Everyone was just being themselves spending time with great Scouts around them.

The physical fitness in the morning was exciting because we had to work as a team to overcome the obstacles in our way. We learned that teamwork is the way to overcome all obstacles in life and that by working together we can take things to another level!

The food was unbelievable! It was the greatest thing and no one complained. We thank the kitchen staff for making all the great food for us. Without you we would have not had the delicious food. We want you to know that we noticed the hard work you put in to cook for us. I just wanted to say thank you very much!

We also thank our District Commissioner for organizing the summer camp. Without him we would have never had a chance to camp with Scouts from another District .You are also noticed for the hard work you do.

Lukanyo Nuxmalo
Scout, Floors No2 Scout Group

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