Complete the Water Champ challenge on World Water Day!

Splash FB logoWith most of us at home and World Water Day coming up on the 22nd of March, let’s show our respect for this natural resource which is so vital to us now more than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring people to wash their hands more often for 20 sec and to enhance cleanliness, what better time to tackle the Water Champ Challenge, which for some branches aligns with the SDG challenges! Let’s do the water audits and continue to be thrifty whilst mindful. Meerkats, are you ready to work on your SDG 14?


Completing these requirements for SDG 14 will contribute towards achieving your National Meerkat Challenge!

Do 3 of these:

  1. Do the Recycling badge to make an impact in your community.
  2. Do the Collector badge.  E.g. Making Eco Bricks is lots of fun, and keeps plastic out of our rivers and seas.
  3. Pick up litter.
  4. Carry out an experiment showing how hard it is to take fine pollution (e.g. micro plastic) out of water. Better to use something natural that is fine, so that we aren’t adding to the problem, e.g. quinoa or oats.


Life on LandEarn your Water Champ Challenge badge, whilst fulfilling the SDG 15 requirement of the National Cub Challenge.


Earn your Water Champ Challenge badge, and also earn your SDG 15 badge! Completing the Water Champ Challenge is one of the requirements of the 2020 Scouts SDG Challenge. It will also bring you one step closer to becoming an SDG Champion!

Rovers and Adult Volunteers:

Earn your Water Champ Challenge badge and lead by example!

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