Shaping the lives of all SA youth

We would like to thank all youth members and adult volunteers for their ongoing drive to enhance a correct representation and visibility of Scouting within their communities. As you are aware, SCOUTS South Africa has been supporting unity and racial diversity since 1977. The Scout Movement in South Africa unites girls and boys from all walks of life who all live by a common Promise and Law. Scouting changes lives by providing youth with education, values, skills, mentorship, opportunities, resources, and safe places to be kids. Members are empowered to lead, work in teams and take charge of their lives so they can get out of poverty and have a better future for themselves and their families.

We engaged with Black Brain productions and Mpumelelo Nhlapo, Executive Producer, had the following message for SSA members and adult volunteers:

“Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to engage you on the movie Loving Thokoza. As discussed in our telephone conversation, Loving Thokoza is a fictional film that was originally developed based on inspiration from the life of Charlotte Maxeke.  

Charlotte Maxeke, born 7 April 1871 was a South African religious leader, social and political activist. She was the first black woman to graduate with a university degree in South Africa with a B.SC from Wilberforce University Ohio in 1901, as well as the first black African woman to graduate from an American university. 

The intention of the film is to serve as a source of education and inspiration for all South Africans in celebration of the great strides we have made as a country since the dawn of democracy. 

Personally I have a long history with the Scouts organisation as I was invested as a Scout while I was still in High School where I enjoyed many years as part of the 1st Greenside Scout Group. Recently my son was also invested into the 1st Petervale Scout group. I therefore have a good understanding of the values and principles of the Scouts and the value that they continue to add to the various communities which they serve. 

Thank you for the wonderful work that SCOUTS SA does in shaping and building young people, and for the opportunity you have afforded us to engage on this film. I look forward to further engagements on how we can jointly inspire and educate in pursuit of building our communities and our country together.”