Let’s keep each other Safe from Harm!

In Scouting, we’re committed to ensuring a safe environment for our young members and volunteers. This week we will be raising awareness about our Safe from Harm procedures and how we can continue to ensure the safety of the children and young people we serve in South Africa and globally.

What is Safe from Harm?

Find our more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lNyx8JmZK8

How do we keep our members safe?

As an organisation we take great care to ensure that children and young members are kept safe. From police clearance checks, to a clear child protection policy, safe Scouting policy and open avenues for all members to raise concerns or complaints.

Adult volunteers are required to know the content of these documents and therefore they are included in our Warrant Training courses.

Learn more about keeping young people Safe from Harm!

Everyone plays a role in keeping young people safe from harm. Learn more about how you can help make everyone feel safe, inside and outside of Scouting, with World Scouting’s short online course: www.scout.org/elearning_sfh1


Six tips to keep yourselves safe online:

  • With the current lockdown and Covid pandemic we all spend more time online. So #BePrepared and keep yourself and the young people you serve safe from harm by following these Six tips for online safety https://www.scout.org/safefromharmonline.
  • If you have 10 minutes, log-in to your scout.org account and complete World Scouting’s mini “Be Safe Online” course: http://bit.ly/safescoutsonline .

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