Scout friendships are like no other!

Aimée Granzier is our 23 year old SSA Youth Influencer from the Eastern Cape South Region. She joins her peers around the county in promoting the community service and success stories from members in her Region.

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My name is Aimée Granzier. I am 23 years old and am currently completing my Honours Degree in Inclusive Education. I first joined Scouting in 2016, at 1st Walmer Scout Group. My Scouting journey began during my Matric year. Although I was 17 and technically almost too old to be a Scout, 1st Walmer Scout Group welcomed me with open arms. I knew little about Scouting when I started, but I was enthusiastic about the outdoors and going camping, and that is what inspired me to join.

I quickly realized that 1st Walmer was exactly where I wanted to be. I had memorable experiences as a Scout going on camps, learning to tie my first knots, and singing around campfires. These memories remain vivid in my mind and heart.

I stayed involved with Scouting after I turned 18 because I loved the people in 1st Walmer. I became a Rover, and also was the Pack Scouter for four years. I recently moved to another city and have had to say goodbye to 1st Walmer, but I continue to remain involved despite the distance.

I am inspired by my own experience as a Scout to stay involved as a Scouter

Now I am about to join a new Group in my area. This highlights what I love most about Scouting, the friendships. The Scouting camaraderie is a different type of friendship that you can’t find anywhere else. The friends you make at Scouts are the family that sticks with you forever. You have friends in every city and every country. Wherever you go you will find friendship and community with Scouting.

Before joining the Movement, I was quite shy, reserved and uncertain of my own capabilities. At Scouts, you are nudged out of your comfort zone to engage with others. Through those experiences, you gain confidence in your own abilities and develop leadership skills as you progress though the phases of your Scouting journey from being a Patrol member, a Patrol Leader, and then a Rover and a Scouter. I am inspired by my own experience as a Scout to stay involved as a Scouter. I try to design experiences for Cubs and Scouts that provide them with the same memorable moments as I had. Scouting has taught me the value of true friendships, creating community and sharing what you learn with others.