I made a difference, I picked up other people’s trash

Written by Mtha Nazo, SSA Youth Influencer ECS

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we live”-Dalai Lama

Earlier this year the Commscouts Group from Bisho in the Eastern Cape went around almost every street of their neighbourhood to pick up litter. 27 Cubs and Scouts aged 8 to 17, accompanied by local adult volunteers woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning to contribute towards making their community a better place to live. By early afternoon 13 black plastic bags were filled with empty bottles, plastics, paper and various packages.

“As Scouts we believe in making a significant contribution towards creating a better environment”, explains Troop Scouter Lunga “Rhino” Nqini. “The initiative was ignited by a single moment; while driving back home after an adventurous camp, one of the Cubs pointed at a heap of trash across the street. The Scouts and Cubs then collectively decided to dedicate a day to fix the problem”, he says with a smile.

Lunga web

Lunga Nqini

“I had a lot of fun, not because I was picking up other people’s trash but because my friends and I were doing a good thing, making a difference. At our previous camp, Rhino taught us that the role of a Scout is to do what is right for the community”, adds 12 year old Scout Ziyazi.

A lady from the neighbourhood said, “I am so grateful for the Commscouts Group for taking the initiative to pick up litter. The trash was a concern for many Bisho parents. It is because of the Commscouts Group that I will not worry about my son being cut by broken glass bottles when he goes to the park.”

“After a long, tiring, yet successful day the youngsters enjoyed lunch and played games together in a beautiful clean park. Our Scouts took the responsibility of taking care of the world in which they live in by picking up litter in their neighbourhood”, continues Rhino. “They are most certainly true leaders of our community and have set a good example to others.”

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