I’m ready to apply my Scout skills in the real world

Written by Liam Snyman, 1st Germans Scout Group

My name is Liam Snyman. I grew up on a school campus with sprawling fields and surrounded by beautiful nature. My father was in charge of running the school camps. Needless to say as a young boy I developed a love for action and a passion for nature. So when the chance came for me to get out of my shell and join the Scout Movement, I took it.

My adventure started in 2018 within a Troop in Parktown called 1st Germans.  With one close friend, one scarf and no badges to proudly show off, I began my Scouting journey. Over the years I have built a social network all over Gauteng, have collected 23 scarves, and can proudly show off some of the top awards one can achieve as a Scout. However, the sweetest reward Scouts has given me, is the way it made me grow.

Truly amazing experiences like hiking the Suikerbos mountain range and the infamous PLTU have given me some memories I will cherish forever. To understand how Scouting give its members a challenge, just ask a Scout and they will be able to give you their unique and amazing story.

I’ve become a man, a whole human with the skills and values to be a 1st class citizen

I joined Scouting because of my love for the outdoors.  I stayed because of the people, the activities and all that I hope to still do. The camps, the tough hikes, and the advancement programme are exciting and fun. But I also enjoy being connected to this web of national and international Scouts who are all working towards making the world a better place.

Scouting has made me grow, it has changed me and brought me out of my shell. I have grown into a confident young man ready to take on the world. I can take any of the skills I learn in the Movement and apply them to the real world. I will always be grateful for the leadership and confidence that Scouts has taught me. I hope to take these skills forward when I have an internship with a conservation reserve in Kenya later this year.

Through Scouting I have become a man, a whole human with the skills and values to be a first class citizen.

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