Be available to help others in need

Written by Engel Masana, SSA Youth Influencer Limpopo Region

A helping hand is what we need in our communities to restore humanity. As Rovers we have the duty to help where we can with what we have. I am a university student. I see the challenges my peers face daily as we come from different backgrounds, and have different means at our disposal.

Local NGO Gift of the Givers often assists hungry youth by donating food. As Rovers we decided to help with giving out the food parcels. Earlier in the year, when students usually suffer whilst waiting for their first allowances, I joined the UJ Community Engagement and helped pack the food parcels. Some students would confront me and ask for more food. They only depend on the NSFAS grant and the situation at home is the same. I would try to help out of my pocket since it is one box per student. It  made me grateful for what I have and made my will to  continue helping other people stronger.

By doing selfless acts of service we tend to inspire other people around us

I helped on Tuesdays. We would help by managing the hungry student and encouraging discipline, by handing out the forms, giving out food parcels, and making sure that everyone adheres to the Covid-19 regulations. It was a hectic task as it was always packed. As soon as everyone was helped, we would clean the place inside and pack boxes for the following day so others could quickly help hungry youth.

On our way out of campus, we had to make sure our campus was clean. So as we walked we picked up the garbage and placed it where it belongs.

Being of service gives me some peace of mind. It is comforting to know that you have been able to help someone out there go to bed with a full stomach. We need to restore and promote peace in our communities because that makes the world a much better place to live. By doing these selfless acts of service we tend to inspire other people around us unknowingly. Helping out can be in any form, offering a helping hand by volunteering, giving out your old clothes, preparing a meal for the hungry, or by just keeping the environment clean. There is always someone out there who needs you to make a difference in their lives, so be available!

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