A distinguished Honour!

Written by Betty Hlathi, SSA Youth Influencer Free State

In 2019 Mamello Hope Gemisi attended the first Rovers Camp in the Free State, namely ‘the Gilgolds’.  That event was the start of her Rovering adventure. “The camp was strictly for Rovers. I was ending my Scouting journey and so it was a bonus for me to attend the camp and be invested as a Rover”, explains Mamello. “The aim of the camp was to introduce, invest and teach about Rovers, the last branch of Scouting. I was selected as the best candidate in Welkom to be invested because of my dedication, availability, and other criteria that were presented and I met completely.

For the duration of the camp, I did my best – as the Scout’s motto states – thus I believe that I did deserve the crown. It meant a lot to be recognised as a star out of all the people that were present and participated in the camp”, says Mamello with a smile.

“Since being invested as a 1st Goldfields Eagle Rover I have learned that the duties of the Rovers are more complex than those of a Scout. This has motivated and inspired me to be more productive than ever before. Change is big in the Scout Movement. As you progress from one stage to another, this results in additional responsibilities. It takes a leader and a Rover like myself to make the best out of it”, she adds.

“There have been lots of special activities for me as a Scout,  however the ones that are always on my mind are fires and cooking – to be exact how to find water and food. I learnt some weird methods, yet adventurous, so I’m hoping to see what happens next, it’s fun! A second activity that stands out is First Aid. People tend to do physical activities incautiously in my neighbourhood. I have seen children getting hurt in front of me and I couldn’t do anything for them. Now I can and I have so much love for it. In Rovering, my Crew is still working on creating amazing and fruitful memories, so far I think the community badge is going to be interesting for me, because really nothing pure’s a Scout’s heart than giving. This has led me to believe that community work is my superior strength. I grew up in a big family of various characters and stability. Throughout my life’s journey I have been practising the giving-and-receiving sentiment, in addition to teaching my community how to take care of one another and their surroundings.

I want to show my gratitude to my fellow leaders, Crew, family and friends for the concrete support they have been giving me. Thank you for hearing me, and for giving me sufficient love and encouragement to continue do what is required of me”, she concludes.

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