SSA’s 1st National Youth Forum

SCOUTS South Africa is pleased to announce the first National Youth Forum. Despite unfortunate circumstances, particularly the pandemic, this long overdue forum is now taking place.

The basic details of the event are:

  • Location: Gilwell Scout Centre Johannesburg
  • Start: 19:00 – Saturday 18 March 2023
  • End: 17:00 – Sunday 19 March 2023
  • Full Cost: R330

The National Youth Forum is defined in the Young Leaders Involvement Policy, and the Procedures of the Forum. In summary, it’s primary role is to identify and discuss issues facing the organisation and to find solutions to these challenges. Anticipated topics include inter-regional relations, the Scout programme, and SSA’s role in national and global affairs. The agenda will be compiled based on input from representatives attending.

Any member, young or old, may attend the forum. However, as a governed event, there is a distinction between members of the forum (for which there are requirements and selection procedures) and guests (who must be permitted in advance).

Therefore, any member intending to attend the forum must please complete the following form:

Submission Deadline: 17 February

Further details, such as confirmation, the agenda, practical arrangements, and any selection procedures, will be communicated directly to participants.

The Youth Forum is being held in conjunction with the Environmental Reporting Training for SCOUTS South Africa’s Youth Influencers and Regional Young Leader Representatives – for which support was secured from the Foundation for Environmental Education and WOSM. However, for members not participant in the training programme, the above full cost amounts to the meals provided and Gilwell camping fees. Transport costs are not included.

General queries can be addressed to

Yours in Scouting,

Lawrence Stanton
National Young Leaders Representative