How does the Nevetec Criminal Clearance data collection work?

SCOUTS South Africa’s partnership with Nevetec for Criminal Clearance applications is ongoing for both SCOUTS South Africa members and non-members.

Selected SCOUTS South Africa members have been formally trained and appointed to collect the data on behalf of Nevetec, who then conducts the verifications. The results are emailed by Nevetec to the compliance officer within SCOUTS SA.

How to apply?

Criminal Clearance verifications take place nationally at various events or at the National/Western Cape Office.

The National/ Western Cape Offices does individual Nevetec data collections for Criminal Clearance applications as followed:

  • Scout members are welcome to apply for their Criminal Clearance any day of the week, provided they have made a prior appointment with Eleanor by emailing her on
  • Non-Scout members can apply for the Criminal Clearance on Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only. To book a timeslot email

Keep an eye out for Regional communications on when your Region holds criminal clearance verification events or when the data collectors are at your Regional office.

What is the cost?

  •  Payment must be done prior to the appointment for data collection. Please verify the current cost as the prices have increased slightly due to an increase by Nevetec.

What to bring?

  •  All clearances are to be done in person as fingerprints are required.
  • A certified copy of your ID or passport must be handed in.
  • Proof of payment if payment not in cash.