The value of youth leadership

Written by Zama Mazibuko, SSA Youth Influencer

LDC1Leadership is one of the core skills taught in the Scouting Movement as it is a fundamental aspect of life in the “adult world”. Last month a Leadership Development Course was held at BP campsite in KZN which was run by Kayleigh Timmer, with the help of Rovers and young adults in the Region.

The course itself was filled with learning, challenges and lots of fun. For those of us watching the Scouts in action, it was inspirational to see Scouts as young as 11 learning how to interact, teach and lead each other. A quote by BP comes to mind: “there is no teaching to compare with example”. This quote speaks to the example that the Scouts who go on these courses will become in their home Troops.

I spoke to some of the Scouts and course staff about leadership and the value of participating in Leadership Development courses like these:

Kayleigh Timmer : Course Director

It is always a great experience to run the LDC courses and start the junior Scouts on their training, Both with regards to Scouting skills, and the Patrol System. Running the LDCs are so rewarding because you get the chance to see newer and younger Scouts become acquainted with the bigger part of Scouting- Scouting outside of their weekly meetings. Seeing Scouts from different Troops become friends and work together as a Patrol and engage in leadership development theory is a wonderful thing to see.

The Patrol Leaders, who had all done PLTU, were such great role models to the participants. They were able to show them correct etiquette and discipline when falling in and reporting, and this is something Scouts sometimes don’t get to see demonstrated properly in their home Troops. The opportunity to learn skills from a Patrol Leader, who is far more approachable than an adult leader, is also invaluable.

Bianca White : staff

Leadership is a quality, I believe it is an important role within the Scouting Movement as we create an environment where we are able to inspire the youth to create visions and turn them into a reality.

Chloe Adams : Scout from 4th Durban Scout Troop

I think leadership is important so that there is always someone there to instruct and help you along. So when you are trying to achieve an objective, you know what and when to do something and how. I learnt of this course through my Troop and wanted to become a better leader. My favorite memory from the course is meeting new people and gaining friendships in order to know the Scout community better.

Megan Ausbourne: Scout from 1st Pinetown Scout Troop

My best memory was meeting new people and learning new things. I loved seeing how my friends teach, and then learning how to teach others myself.

Virika Budhi : Scout from Surat Hindhu Scout Troop

One of the things I learnt is First Aid and I enjoyed that because we don’t always know everything. I think its good to attend LDC courses because learning leadership is important to your development in our Scouting and personal lives.

Lucy-Marie Harris: Scout from 1st Waterfall Scout Troop

Its been really cool meeting all these cool and fantastic people as well as learning how to interact with people who you may not see eye-to-eye with. I loved seeing how well I could teach others.

Joshua Jackson: Scout from 1st Pinetown Scout Troop

I think leadership is important because you often find you need someone to help us along and its always good to have someone there. I personally found this course very informative as I learnt things I never knew before. I can’t really say I have a best memory because, well, all these memories have been amazing!

Morgan Timmer: Course PL & Scout from 1st Glenashly Scout Troop

I think doing LDC is important so that people can reflect and learn how to be comfortable with people they don’t know and form teams with them. Also learning more for when they lead Scouts and for when they grow up, as leadership is very important in those avenues.

Chris : Course PL & Scout from 1st Port Sea Scout Troop

I think leadership is important as it forms a very strong structure for the younger Scouts and shows them discipline in their leadership and how it will help them in the future.

Meheer : Course Troop Leader & Scout from Surat Hindhu Scout Troop

LDC 1 and 2 are courses for the youth of Scouts and is a very important thing the youth can and should do. It gives them more knowledge and the basics of Scouting, including leadership skills. They learn a lot on theses courses and it helps them in future courses and trainings. It sets them on their way to being better Scouts.