New drive for growth of Free State Region underway!

Written by Betty Hlathi, SSA Youth Influencer Free State

Earlier this year we welcomed Sello Jeremia Legegeru as our new Free State Regional Commissioner (RC). Here he takes us through decades of adventures back to where his love for Scouting began.

“I joined Scouting way back in 1987 while I was in standard two. My brother and good friend introduced me to their Scouts Group 5Th St. Peter Boy Scouts. I was also encouraged by my great-grandmother who was Akela and my uncle who was a Scouts Master. They were both running active Scouts Groups in Kimberly then. After I joined, I never wanted to miss the Scouts meeting! I enjoyed it and I couldn’t wait for Friday to come and wear my khaki uniform. I am glad I was introduced to Scouting, and I am proud I didn’t refuse because if I had turned down the invitation that day, my life would have been different”, reminisces RC Sello.

Life is a roller coaster and there was a point where Sello had to take a break from Scouting to reflect on his life before he could contribute further to the Scouting Movement. However, “Once a Scout, always a Scout”. Sello returned to the Scout Movement as an adult to serve and give back.

“Receiving the Wood Badge and attending the Adult Leader Training course are two highlights of my adult volunteer Scouting life”, he says with a smile. “Tables have turned, and responsibility increased. Engaging more with Adult Leaders gave me an opportunity to learn more about Scouting and to put myself in a better position to address challenges faced within my Scout Group. This also contributed to applying for the position of Regional Commissioner.”

“As RC I aim to grow and prosper the Free State Region. This includes encouraging collaboration with all the stakeholders such as Regional Team Coordinators, District Commissioners, Troop Scouters, and general Adult Leaders to support effectively and efficiently running their respective Scout Groups and Districts. I also aim to encourage training and more inclusive participation statistics from the Free State Region within our Movement. My wish for the Free State is for it to be on par with other Regions and to encourage Adult Leaders to attend any information sessions such the Camp Fire Chats and the Lekgotla which provide useful information. I also encourage them to join informal trainings that give Leaders an advantage when running the Scout Groups so they can be prepared and ready to handle challenges that may occur”, he adds.

“A Scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others while they smile and whistle under all difficulties. This comes in handy every day”, he continues. “In my professional capacity my clientele come from diverse backgrounds, and they come with all kinds of challenges and attitudes. I assist them irrespective of the circumstances. When I put the Scout Law into practice everything becomes smooth, and people’s response and feedback is always great”, he grins.

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