Liam Coetzee, Springbok Scout

Supplied by Theo Rijs, Chair: National Scout Programme

Congratulations to Liam Coetzee, 2nd Fish Hoek, Western Cape for achieving his Springbok Award! “With your Springbok Award, you’ve proven that nothing is impossible with hard work and perseverance. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Liam showcased his leadership and outdoor skills when he led a Patrol of four Scouts on a Springbok expedition in the Groot Winterhoek mountains, taking a route via Groot Kliphuis, the Perdevlei Shelter and De Tronk. They also enjoyed the stunning pools at De Hel. His achievement in navigating and leading his Patrol through the diverse landscapes exemplifies the spirit of adventure and resilience instilled in Springbok Scouts.

Liam further led a transformative service project with his Patrol at Fish Hoek High School where he is Head Boy. Together, they dedicated their time and effort to sand and repaint eight large spectator stands and painted the walls in two office spaces, enhancing the school’s facilities. this community service initiative reflects Liam’s commitment to making a positive impact, showcasing the values of leadership, teamwork, and service ingrained in Springbok Scouts, and is a shining example of the meaningful contributions Springbok Scouts make within their local communities.

Liam chose a Springbok construction project as his Major Scout Skills Project to demonstrate his prowess in pioneering. He led the construction of an impressive eight meter tall hourglass tower which was not only a testament to Liam’s leadership and organisational skills, but also a demonstration of the collective effort and teamwork within a Scout Troop.

When asked how he felt about his Springbok Journey, he smiled and said “Scouting has led to me adventures you can’t get anywhere else, as well as integration into one of the most incredible communities, the Scouting community.  My Springbok Journey has not only equipped me for life, but gifted me with relationships and memories that I will cherish forever.  The work that you do on your Path to Springbok not only improves you personally, but improves your Troop and, ultimately, the world around you for years to come. ”