Kieran Williss, Springbok Scout

Supplied by Theo Rijs, Chair: National Scout Programme

Congratulations to Kieran Williss,1st Somerset West, Western Cape for achieving his Springbok Award! “Receiving the Springbok Award is a testament to your perseverance, leadership, and dedication. Congratulations on reaching the summit!”

Kieran’s Springbok Expedition was a scenic hike through Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve to Lebanon, traversing the picturesque Groenlandberg Nature Reserve.  Overnight camps atop Groenlandberg peak offered breathtaking views of the Grabouw valley and then on the second night a campsite nestled in a valley alongside a stream just outside the nature reserve, provided a tranquil setting for the Scouts to appreciate the wonders of nature. Joined by three other Scouts, Kieran’s hike showcased not only the beauty of the natural surroundings but also the camaraderie and adventurous spirit of the Scouts.

Kieran undertook a noteworthy community service project at Rape Crisis in Somerset West. The scope of the project involved sanding and staining three sheds, repairing and painting two outdoor benches, and redecorating the bathroom. Unforeseen challenges extended the timeline beyond the initial plan, but Kieran’s dedication to fulfilling the community service requirements exemplifies the spirit of service ingrained in Springbok Scouts. His meticulous attention to detail and willingness to address unexpected challenges reflect his commitment to making a positive impact and stands as a testament to the values of community engagement and service within the Springbok Scout ethos.

Kieran took on the challenge of constructing a Brynbach tower at the 1st Somerset West Scout Hall. This construction was one of the few pioneering projects that he had not previously undertaken, marking a significant personal achievement and his ability to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm and skill. Leading a team of five Scouts, including himself, the project was not merely about erecting a tower; it represented a collaborative effort, highlighting the strength of teamwork within a Scout Patrol and Troop.

When asked about his Springbok Journey, he smiled and said: “The 11 years I spent in the Scouting Movement has had a huge impact on my life and has given me opportunities that I would have never had.  The Springbok Journey has had its difficult moments, COVID caused a big delay in completing my First Class and put everything back a year. It was sometimes very difficult to keep motivated and to keep going. My tip for anyone doing Springbok is to keep going, don’t give up – it’s all worth it in the end.”