Meghan Parfett, Springbok Scout

Supplied by Theo Rijs, Chair: National Scout Programme

Congratulations to Meghan Parfett,1st Sandringham, Gauteng for achieving her Springbok Award! “Remember that every step you took on your Springbok Journey was a testament to your courage, leadership, and determination. Congratulations and keep inspiring!”

Meghan faced formidable challenges during her Springbok journey, grappling with the impact of a chronic illness and other issues. In the face of these obstacles, she not only persevered but also excelled in meeting the Springbok requirements.

Meghan’s Springbok Expedition took on the Kaapschehoop hiking trail, near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, exquisite panoramic views along the way. The hike came with a few navigational challenges and a slight change to the intended route. Undoubtedly resilient, Meghan and her team, undeterred by the challenges of a detour, successfully reached their final destination in the quaint town of Kaapschehoop.

The overall experience was a great one! I learnt a lot and with my Patrol had a wonderful time.

In a heartfelt endeavour, Meghan undertook a project to address the hygiene needs of the homeless community. Recognising their struggle with basic cleanliness, Meghan manufactured 142 soap bars from 10 kilograms of glycerine soap, each uniquely scented. The soap-making process, though lengthy and at times tedious, proved to be a meaningful Springbok task. This task was one of Meghan’s favourites on her Springbok journey and her initiative stands as a testament to the impact that thoughtful, community-driven Springbok Community Service projects can have on those in need.

For her Major Scout Skills Project, she led her Troop in constructing a campfire circle at the Sandringham Scout Hall. This project provided a permanent space for campfires and also showcased Meghan’s leadership and the collaborative spirit within the Troop. The newly constructed campfire circle stands as a testament to a Springbok Scout’s vision and determination to enhance the Scouting experience for all.

Despite personal adversities, Meghan’s unwavering dedication and ability to deliver on her Springbok commitments highlight her exceptional character and the strength of her Scout spirit. Her triumph over adversity serves as an inspiring example of resilience and determination within the Springbok Scout community.

When asked about her Springbok Journey, she replied: “During this journey I learnt more about myself than I would have through doing anything else. Scouting has helped me build my confidence, abilities and leadership and has allowed me to grow into who I am today. I don’t know who or where I would be without it and without the strong and caring community around me that pushed me out of my comfort zone to achieve this award. 

My advice to Springbok Candidates is that it is okay to lean on the people around you and ask for guidance and support. It is said that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This also applies to achieving the Springbok Award. You can’t do it by yourself, so don’t be stubborn; ask for help when you need it.”