The Journey from Driekoppies to the World

Written by Innocent Zulu

In 2011, amidst the serene village of Driekoppies in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi region, I embarked on a transformative journey into the world of Scouting under the guidance of Mdluli Sqwayi and Bheki Sithole. Though initially met with skepticism from the community, my Scouting experience would soon become a cornerstone of personal growth and cultural exchange.

At the outset, Scouting was a foreign concept in Driekoppies, often dismissed as an activity reserved for others. However, within its folds, I discovered invaluable lessons in pioneering, hike and camp planning, and above all, discipline. Notably, Mr. Isaac’s teachings on time management left an indelible mark, shaping my approach to life’s challenges.

My journey transcended borders when, in 2018, I was chosen as one of ten Mpumalanga Rovers to represent South Africa in Germany, fostering connections with fellow scouts in Munich’s DPSG group. This international exposure culminated in a three-month cultural exchange programme in New York, USA, through CIEE in 2019. These experiences ignited a passion for travel, influencing my decision to pursue a career path aligned with exploration.

Returning home in 2019, I assumed roles of responsibility within Scouting, serving as a delegate at the first Mpumalanga PLTU and contributing to the growing of the 1st Mphego Scout Group at Thohoyandou . Here, amidst the camaraderie of fellow Scouts like Dudu, Philip, and Vhoni, I found a community bound by shared values and a commitment to service.

As I reflect on my Scouting journey, I am guided by the ethos of Scout Law number 3: “A scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others.” This principle has not only shaped my interactions within Scouting but has also influenced my approach to life beyond its confines.